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Strategic Marketing Plan Creation

So you have a business - but you have never (or not successfully) completed and executed a strategic marketing plan. You have come to the right place.

We will work with your company to create a strategic plan to takes your unique business, services, goals, budget, and present state (in light of your competitors, capabilities, and industry trends). We will also help your business understand best practices in marketing plan creation so that you or your marketing team can do it successfully, repeat, and capture market share in your industry. 

Website Creation, Design & Maintenance

Your website is the one stop shop to showcase your brand and put your best foot forward to gain new customers. Today, it is critical to have a mobile-responsive and user-friendly website: 63% of the time someone visits a website, it is on a mobile phone (StoneTemple) and 57% of all mobile users will not recommend a business if their mobile website is poorly designed or unresponsive (Hubspot). 

Social Media

Having a presence on social media is extremely valuable on social media as 73.4% of users follow a brand (sproutsocial) because they’re interested in the product or service.

What's more, over half of marketers who have been using social media for at least two years report it helped them improve sales (Hubspot).

Having a strategy is critical for social media management: knowing which platform(s) to be on, what to post, when to post, how to gain and retain your fact, social media is the #1 area that companies ask Anchor Marketing Co. for support. Contact us to get your business winning and engaging on social media!

Google Analytics

Google Analytics has the best hands-on metrics for any website, which is why at Anchor Marketing Co. we always make a point to educate our clients and prospects on this powerful tool. 

Every business that has a working website would profit significantly from analyzing the back-end, behind-the-scenes of their website with Google Analytics. 

  • See the amount of traffic to your site, where it is coming from, and areas of opportunity and growth

  • Validate and refine your marketing strategy 

  • See how key performance indicators (KPI's) change over time, based on the enforced marketing strategy


At Anchor Marketing Co, we work with your business to define the key performance indicators and provide weekly updates, and then a monthly summary report. This report also shows the progress over time, which is extremely insightful! 

Contact us to learn more about Google Analytics and to also see a sample report!

Google Ads, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), & PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

If you have ever seen Google Ads at the top of a Google search you just made, that is due to work done through a Google Ads account. Any business has the capability to do that with a budget. 

With 46% of all Google Searches being local (Search Engine Journal) and 86% of users relying on the internet to find a business (BrightLocal), being more visible on a relevant Google Search allows for a stronger brand exposure. 

Because Goggle owns over 90% of the search market share (Statcounter), it's a no-brainer to choose Google as the platform to post ads. And according to Google's Economic Impact Report, businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Ads.

Contact us to set up and run a Google Ads account for your business!

Google My Business

If you have a website and a storefront (although a storefront is not needed), you have the option to have a Google My Business page. This is what pops up when someone searches for you on Google: your website, reviews, hours of operation. 

Managing Google My Business is key to increase your SEO on Google and to gain more visitors to your website. Let us help your business grow in this area!

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still alive and well and extremely beneficial for your business! In 2017, there were 3.7 billion email users, and it is set to grow to 4.1 billion users in 2021 (Statista).

What's more, because email can be personalized and is still a strong platform, it has a median ROI (return on investment) of 122% – over 4x higher than other marketing formats including social media, direct mail, and paid search (DMA and Demand Metric).

Contact us to learn how Anchor Marketing Co. can support your email marketing strategy and get an email marketing campaign set up for your business!


Blogging is important for any growing business as it:

  1. Supports the SEO of website so that your ranking as a business is higher

  2. Tells your audience more about you and your brand

  3. Keeps the traffic coming to your website - and compounding

Statistics show that engagement grows by 28% if a company takes time to blog alongside video demos or similar information (Omnicore Agency). Even more, companies that blog regularly generate 67% more leads than businesses that do not (Demandmetric).  

Contact us to learn more about blogging and the benefits for your company!

Content Creation

Do you need copy writing support to freshen up the body text of your website, for a website landing page, survey, a PR release, or any other area in your business? 

Contact us to wow your target audience and customers with easy to follow, engaging content that showcases your business' best strengths and features!

Digital Marketing Training & Ongoing Education

Do you want to educate in-house employee(s) to manage your marketing - but lack the know-how? Contact us: let us know what your primary needs are (social media, analytics, e-mail marketing, etc.) and we will customize training specific to your employee needs.

We make it fun, practical, easy to follow, and also include the latest trends in digital marketing in every field of business. Get your team on to a winning start!

Marketing Campaign Development & Management

Are you launching a new product line at your store, a new service, or have an event coming up you are wanting to market? Or are you getting ready for a new season, such as Fall, Spring, or Christmas? All of these areas call for a strong, strategic marketing campaign to ensure it is a success. 

Anchor Marketing Co. will work with your business to map out the timing, proper initiatives at each stage, and follow through the campaign until completion for a complete success. We will also debrief with your team so that it is a great opportunity to learn from.

Improved Brand Awareness & Perception

The perception of your brand is critical to your success as a business: 5 to 7 times of exposure to a brand are necessary before someone will remember your brand (lucidpress), so it is critical those impressions showcase your business in the best light and more favorable than your competition.

It is also important to have a seamless feel to a brand across all different platforms - website, social media, email, etc. 

Contact us to learn more about supporting your brand and building its awareness to your target audience! 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It is a commonly used buzzword in marketing, and it is used so much because it is extremely important for your business' marketing: SEO affects how your business website is ranked on Google, along with your Google My Business page. Google drives 96% of mobile search traffic, so if your business is not ranked well on Google, it can hurt your brand awareness. Also, 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine (Seotribunal).

Anchor Marketing Co. will work with your business to strategically increase your ranking, monitor all areas, and provide you with updates on your ranking as well.

Logo Overhaul

A logo can say a lot about a business. In fact, It only takes consumers 10 seconds to form a first impression of a brand’s logo (Actioncardapp).

Having a simple, timeless, and recognizable logo is so important as well; this makes it more memorable.

Designing a logo that fits within your brand, color palette, and messaging is complex. Contact us to design a logo that fits your business' needs! 

Digital Marketing Consulting

It is easy to have tunnel vision as a business owner; with the rapidly changing trends in marketing, it can be a lot to stay on top of.

Our digital marketing consulting services are aimed as listening thoroughly to every company, assessing their business in light of the big picture: their industry, the market, the economy, and strategic research. We then provide concise, practical advice, along with steps to take and best practices.

Contact us for a thorough assessment that will clarify and enlighten your business' digital marketing strategy. 

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