Let us introduce ourselves!

Our team, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is passionate about seeing your business succeed and reach its potential with quality digital marketing services and support. 

Marta Luvian

Owner and President

Marta is Google Analytics certified. From managing a $600,000 marketing budget at a Fortune 100 company, to spearheading a major website overhaul of a local startup, to implementing a new lead generation system for a B2C (business-to-consumer) midsize company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, she has a proven track record: Helping businesses thrive by fueling exponential growth with a strategic digital marketing plan to gain market share.


Marta’s portfolio includes work for boutiques, child care services, churches, insurance agencies, health clinics, home improvement companies, landscaping experts, non-profits, physical therapy specialists, and realtors.


She has a MBA with a strategic marketing focus and speaks Spanish and Polish. Marta ran competitively in college and enjoys spending time with her family, hiking in nature, traveling in Europe, and reading business, personal development, and family-related books.

Vijay Luvian

VP Operations

Vijay is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) expert (Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics) and is energized by finding customer-centric solutions. He has startup to Fortune 1 experience and has traveled to 80 countries. Vijay has a MBA with a strategic management focus, a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and holds one patent. He lived in Sweden for 18 years and is knowledgeable in eight languages. Vijay is a Marathon finisher and enjoys mountaineering and road biking.


Tulsa, OK


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